Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers

Streaming Video - 2015
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Franln Mar 17, 2017

A bizarre tale of two dysfunctional white trash losers.

Dec 06, 2016

I guess if I lived in the States I would have heard of this ridiculous farce, which seems to be just another facet of the decline of Capitalism - as America knows it. That leg looks pretty gnarly; "You have a bit of a fungus there", says the women who volunteers to boil the mummified jerky-flesh off the bones and encase the works in lucite; as a charitable gesture. Be prepared to be disgusted - in more ways than one. The Trump victory makes a bit more sense, now.

Oct 30, 2016

Shannon Whisnant is a compelling character. Kinda like seeing someone stuck in the mud doing it his way. I hope he makes it to dry land some day.

Sep 13, 2016

A bit more than expected, but nothing special. Watch this one if you got nothing else to do.

Jul 27, 2016

A seemingly silly, ridiculous documentary story about the guy wanting to have his amputated leg! Yet, it has a behind, warmer story of him trying to beat his drug-addiction! A story that involves all family members, affecting them all!

LPL_RachaelP Jun 13, 2016

One of the reasons I love documentaries is because there are some things you just can't make up. This true tale of a man's severed leg and a barbeque grill illustrates that point perfectly.

Jun 09, 2016

This movie was excellent. I think it's easy to fall into the trap of looking down on the characters, but I found them pretty likeable, they've just found themselves in some tough situations.

jesking Feb 22, 2016


Feb 11, 2016

Fascinating, hilarious, scary - these people have the right to vote!

Leave it to Maiden, North Carolina to spawn this story. It begins with a tragic plane crash, but ends with a battle of wits between the man who lost his leg (and his father) and the man who wants to cash in on a curiosity. The back story of each man is fascinating, but add the roller coaster ride of lawsuits, reality TV shows and national news coverage, and you have a story that Hollywood screenwriters should envy. A truly memorable documentary!

jpozenel Dec 23, 2015

All I could think of when watching this was Jeff Foxworthy saying "You might be a redneck if...". It's both amazing and sad that people like this exist in this country. Thanks to the filmmakers for this disturbing peek at "Americana".

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