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DPLjulie created a list Jun 10 2019
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DPL Reads: Graphic Novels

"Enthusiastic DPL staff recommendations to celebrate Graphic Novel Month."
DPLjulie made a comment May 22 2019
"Solve a compelling puzzle of a mystery along with two determined, savvy tweens. The unfolding modern day story includes flashbacks to 1957, providing a compelling and enlightening snapshot of the United States on the brink of the Civil Rights move..." Permalink
DPLjulie rated a title May 22 2019
DPLjulie created a list Mar 18 2019
K-12 Study Guide

Korean War

DPLjulie made a comment Feb 13 2019
"A boy with cancer, a wonderful friend, the best kind of dog, and a quest. A wondrously hopeful heartbreak of a book." Permalink
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